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At Type 1 At A Time we not only strive to provide financial assistance to those Type 1 families that need it, but also to educate, encourage and enlighten the public on this life altering disease. We know how important it is that individuals understand the difference between this chronic disease and others, as well as the struggles that go along with it. Follow along with our BLOG and social media pages, where we will highlight many of the day to day issues as a Type 1.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune (the body attacks itself) disease where the bodies pancreas produces little to no insulin. Without insulin, glucose (blood sugar) accumulates in the bloodstream. At high levels, glucose can cause destruction to nearly every organ in the body and without intervention and proper management can cause death. Most Type 1 diabetics are diagnosed in childhood, however there are many people diagnosed in adulthood as well. There are around 586 thousand Type 1 diabetic children in the world and there will be approximately 96,000 children newly diagnosed every year.

Why the Need?

Those with Type 1 Diabetes cannot survive without insulin. Since their body does not produce insulin they rely on synthetic insulin produced by large drug manufacturers. The prices of these insulins have increased by nearly 700 percent in the last several decades. To put this in perspective, one vial of particular insulin in 1996 cost $21 and rose to $255 in 2016. That is 255 dollars for one vial of insulin. Some Type 1 diabetics use several vials in one month. Its not a stretch to say that on average the Type 1 diabetic family spends around $800 dollars a month on insulin, equipment and supplies. Equipment like CGM’s (continuous glucose monitors) and insulin pumps are particularly important when trying to manage Type 1 Diabetes in children. These devices allow parents to closely monitor blood sugars and properly calculate and administer insulin. It is due to these devices and equipment that most children are able to live a predominantly normal life. However, just like insulin, the use of these modern day technologies does not come without a hefty price. Families can spend thousands of dollars to purchase the initial devices and then hundreds of dollars monthly for the ongoing supplies.

At Type 1 At A Time we want to ease the stress of this significant financial burden. When families feel like there are unreachable prices, we want to help make them a reality. It’s our personal mission to make sure there is never a child that has to go without, simply due to unreasonable prices and unregulated drug companies. We want to watch children grow strong and become a part of our future. We want them to thrive!

Our Mission

Type 1 At A Time, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has been developed to help families with Type 1 diabetic children financially by purchasing insulin, supplies and devices the children require to live. The financial burden of this disease is devastating for many families. By using donations, grants, sponsorships and fundraisers we will help purchase these lifesaving resources and provide much needed relief for families in need.

Zaden 4 years old

Zaden is 4 years old and was diagnosed with T1D in November of 2018.

He does not let Type 1 slow him down. He is VERY energetic! His favorite things to do are swim, run and do flips all over the house.

Current Needs

Zaden and his mother are so excited about the opportunity to get set up on a Dexcom G6 CGM. They have filed for AR kids government assistance but were denied due to the fact that the government does not deem a CGM to be a medical necessity. Diabetes is such a roller coaster and by being connected to a Dexcom, Zaden’s mother will be able to better manage his blood sugars, keep his A1C in range, catch dangerous highs and lows and allow Zaden to continue being active like he loves!

Need: $1,300 for the Dexcom G6 start up

Briana 16 years old

Briana was diagnosed with T1D at age 7. There have been many ups and downs due to this disease but she continues to be strong and positive about the future. She works hard in school as well as her part time job and enjoys preparing for her future.

Current Needs

Briana has been on the omnipod (insulin pump) for many years now, but this expense has not been easy for the family. Between the cost of continuing on a CGM, purchasing insulin and paying co-pays and deductibles; purchasing a monthly supply of omnipods takes a heavy financial toll on Briana’s family.

Need: $870 for omnipod supplies

Meet the Children

Look At Who YOU have helped so far!

Eli 2 y.o.

Justin 17 y.o.

Briana 16 y.o.

Zaden 5 y.o.

Meet the Team

Layne Meloy

Founder and President

Brandi Spurling

Secretary and Board Member

Kelly Walters


Julie Maus

Board Member


Artificial Pancreas Trial Success in Babies and Toddlers

This article was written by Paz Garcia and highlighted in the JDRF website’s Latest News section. Click on the link to learn more about the latest research related to the artificial pancreas and how it may be something to consider in you or your little one’s diabetic life. Thank you JDRF and researchers for your amazing dedication and advancements!!!



Time and Place: TBD

Over the next several months we will be focusing on raising funds to help build the proper infrastructure of Type 1 At A Time, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Once the infrastructure of the organization is in place, we can start raising significantly more funds to benefit not only dozens of children, but ideally hundreds. We invite you as friends of the organization to be donors at the foundational level of giving; helping us to jump start the future of this organization. If you are interested in attending our exclusive and catered fundraiser please reach out on the contact portion of the website or by emailing

Washington County Employee Health Fair

September 12th & 13th, 2019

We will be participating in the annually held health fair. The purpose of the fair is to increase health awareness and disease prevention for local employees by providing screenings, education, and interactive demonstrations and exhibits.

Type 1 At A Time is excited to be an educational resource at the fair. We will have a booth set up and provide free blood sugar checks to employees who would like to participate and use this to help educate on pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 At A Time Presents: A Night Of Whiskey and Giving

Date TBD

Join us as we celebrate the newly built Tall Pine’s Distillery and its first ever event. Type 1 At A Time is proud to be partnering with the family owned business. One who’s brand has been making distinguished and hand-crafted whiskey in Pennsylvania since 2014 and they are excited to be bringing it to Missouri and near the Arkansas line.

Tickets will include a free whiskey flight sampling, tours of the distillery, live music, axe throwing and delicious southern style food. After dinner there will include a presentation, live auction (with items like guns, vacations and even a puppy!) and a chance to make a big difference in the lives of many children in our community struggling with Type 1 Diabetes.

This event is like no other in the NWA area. No fancy Gala attire necessary and whiskey filled fun is sure to ensue!

Who is Type 1 Layne?

Join me as together we discuss the serious and not so serious ins and outs of Type 1 diabetes. As I work to aid those financially affected by this disease through my non-profit, Type 1 At A Time, I also want to help bring awareness to the community and share my story along the way. Over the last several years I have challenged myself to take control and not let Type 1 control me. I am now an avid runner and health and fitness take a priority in my life. I have seen the benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. These benefits can be seen in my numbers-blood sugar and A1C numbers that is. I also navigate the hectic world of being a mother and wife. Fitting time in for a chronic disease can be a burden. I have learned to cry when it makes me sad. Laugh about the stupid stuff. And now…blog about it! Follow me to share my story about Type 1, my non-profit and all the in between.


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